Flowers have been used as decorations for as long as we can remember. Oftentimes, whenever we want to give them as a gift, we go to a florist to get them beautifully bound and packaged.

However, since the pandemic, we have little room to go out and for those who do not have a budget to spend on expensive floral gifts, it’s useful to learn how to wrap flowers beautifully ourselves. We go through the steps down below to help people learn, perfect to use for the right occasion.

Wrapping Your Own Bouquet

There are many ways to wrap flowers beautifully but before we divulge and proceed in making intricate bouquets, we need to learn the basics first. The materials to be used aside from the flowers are not so expensive and can be found in a local convenience or shopping mart.

how to wrap flowers beautifully bouquet
  • Flowers – Of course, first and foremost, you will need to prepare the flowers. Make sure they are fresh and clean so that they can be presentable. Choosing the flowers and the number of stalks will depend on who you will give it to and for what occasion.
  • Paper – Aside from the flowers, the paper you will be used to wrap them will also greatly matter. If you’ll be giving the flowers to a really important person, then you should spend more on it. Some of the papers used for this are brown craft paper, newspaper, decorated wrapping paper, pages from old books, or sheets of music. The paper you choose will give the bouquet a sense of character and personality.
  • Rubber Band – The rubber band is hidden and can be subtle, so you don’t need to think much about this. Any rubber band will do if it doesn’t break easily and will hold the flowers in place.
  • Small Damp Paper Towel – The paper towel should be rectangular in size and slightly damped. This is where you maintain the flower’s freshness.
  • Plastic Wrap – Any plastic wrap can be used, and the size should be slightly bigger than the damp paper towel as it will be used hand in hand with it.
  • Tape/String/Twine – Next, you will need either a clear double-sided tape, a string, or twine to hold the bouquet in place.
  • Bow – Last but not least is the bow which adds a finishing touch to the bouquet. You can choose any color for this but would be better if the bow complements the flowers and the paper used.

Now that you have the materials, it’s now time to wrap your flowers beautifully keeping it fresh and clean.

  1. First off, you will need to place the paper diagonally on a flat smooth surface, presumably a table. Then place the set of flowers at the center. After that, secure the flowers with the rubber band to keep them in place.
  2. Before you fold the paper, take the damp paper towel and the plastic wrap at the upper center. Make sure that the paper towel is above the plastic wrap to avoid the main paper from getting wet. Then place the tied flowers on top of the damp towel covering the end stems of the flowers. Make sure to place it in such a way that the flowers are showing above the main paper. Wrap the bottom of the stems with the paper towel and the plastic wrap.
  3. If you’re using a paper with two sides, make sure that the fancy part is outside when you fold the paper. Make sure that the flowers are placed in such a way that they are above the paper and the stems are in the middle of the paper.
  4. Fold either one side of the paper depending on your style until it circles around the flower. And then fold the bottom part going to the top and then fold the other side to cover bottom folds for a clean wrap.
  5. Last but not the least, secure the paper with tape, string, or twine. If you’re using tape, these should be placed on the folds of paper that overlapped. If you’re using a string or twine, you simply tie it around the paper tightly so that it will not unwrap. Finish off with the bow and tie it so that the paper doesn’t come undone.

Following these steps, you are finished. Taking the time to wrap your flowers beautifully shows that you care about the person you are giving them to.

Different Bouquet Styles

Now that you know how to wrap your own bouquet, you may want to explore other styles of wrapping flowers for different occasions. You may want to experiment and discover the different ways to wrap a bouquet if you don’t want to limit yourself to one style.

how to wrap flowers beautifully bouquet
  • Flowers Wrapped in Special Notes – If you want a little bit of spice and excitement, you can wrap your flowers with personal notes. It will be a joy to behold as your loved one unwraps the flowers and finds beautiful messages inside them.
  • Simply Wrapped Flowers – They say less is more and there is beauty in the simplicity. And wrapping flowers are no exception. You can keep it simple with the use of wrapping sheets, butcher paper, and a ribbon.
  • Flower Pen Bouquet – This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to write or for your kid’s favorite teacher. One thing that makes this unique is that it uses pens as stems wrapped in floral tape. Then you decorate it some more and place it in a flower pot filled with dried beans as a sort of soil. You finish off with a huge ribbon tied around the flower pot to complete the look.
  • Named Flowers – For a more personalized bouquet, you can write the recipient’s name with acrylic paint over the paper you’re going to cover the flowers. You can do this with black craft paper and white acrylic paint.
  • Personalized Mini Bouquet – Another personalized bouquet that you can do is to use some old paper that you can recycle and design it in whatever way you wish. Then finish it off with a twine lovingly tied to the bouquet and then you’re off to brighten someone else’s day.

With all these inspiring and beautiful bouquet styles and now that you have the basic flower wrapping skill under your belt, you will now be able to wrap flowers beautifully and customize them for whatever event — whether for someone or for yourself at home.

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