“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years”

Gardening is one of the most common ways of interacting with nature. It is enjoyed in different cultures and countries, serving as one of the more underrated, healthiest hobbies people can have. People who regularly interact with nature in outdoor spaces are often calmer and at ease.

Interacting with nature

In architecture and design, clients frequently find ways to request for adding garden spaces into their home. The reason for this is not only for adding a sense of natural beauty, but being able to interact and feel closer with the outside world, inside. Oftentimes, gardens are either completely cut off from the main residence, or these green spaces are introduced in the form of courtyards, flower beds, lily ponds, plant strips.

green-leafed plants

Holistic therapy aims at the betterment of a person on the whole by exposing them to green spaces through exposure to plants. Due to this exposure, many patients show a faster rate of recovery. Beyond these medical reasons, there also plenty of reasons why people should start gardening if possible, whether its in your backyard or in the comfort of your own home.

1. Reduces lifestyle diseases

In today’s busy world, people often tend to recluse themselves inside. This is going to be even more the case post-COVID. Nature has been forgotten, as we rush to make money and live in concrete jungles. A larger set of people are facing lifestyle diseases, whether its. an increased percentage of people with cancer, succumbing to depression, or anything else. While it can’t be directly attributed to this, we can say that falling out of touch with nature definitely has reduced the rate of happiness. Gardening, however big or small, can reduce the onset of many diseases such as heart disease, stroke, depression, diabetes, and obesity.

people disease

2. Cures behavioral and psychological problems

Nature deficit disorder can be cured with the help of gardening, especially in children. With the help of the right exposure to various plants and the experience of gardening, several health and behavioral problems can be eliminated. Studies also indicate that daily contact with nature has a long-lasting and deep impact on health, including on depression and anxiety symptoms.

Disorders such as alcohol and drug abuse, agitation, anger, defiant behavior, carelessness, disinterest, or a feeling of being withdrawn from our daily lives, drug use, emotional flatness, and excessive and disruptive talking, can be cured with gardening. Gardening can also alleviate the symptoms of dementia and aggressive behavior. A lot of gardeners themselves stand proof of the above-mentioned data.

3. Aids in stress reduction

There is growing evidence from NHS that gardening helps in stress reduction and improves mood. Research also shows that interacting with indoor plants can reduce higher blood pressure, muscle tension, and digestive problems too. It is considered as one of the best therapeutic activities you can do, and for relatively low cost. 

woman gardening nature

4. Brings a sense of achievement 

A sense of achievement is integral to a human’s life. It is an emotion that boosts esteem and keeps the person going on in life. Gardening not only exposes us to nature, but the activity in itself is very rewarding and it induces a real sense of achievement, boosting confidence. In the design of spaces such as schools, offices, prisons, where there is a constant need for uplifting, one needs to keep in mind the kinds of green environments that can be incorporated.

achievement gardening

Final thoughts

There is a range of social, economic, and environmental benefits that the act of gardening can do for us. Beyond the activity itself, just being surrounded in nature can help improve a lot of factors that we would otherwise feel like it is out of our control.

With the help of designers, policymakers, and key decision-makers, a small change can be brought about by laying out mandates for including green spaces in the habitable space. This will not only better the lives of our cities but the people living in them.  

“Watching something grow is good for morale. It helps us believe in life”

Myron S Kaufman
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